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SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai: Interview with Rusha (Student)

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai: Interview with Rusha (Student)

Edited By Piyush Chaudhary | Updated on Feb 02, 2023 03:28 PM IST | #SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Mumbai

Founded in the year 2012, SDA Bocconi Asia Center is one of the top private B-Schools located in Mumbai. It is accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS), the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). SDA Bocconi Asia Center offers postgraduate programmes in the field of management. International Master in Business (IMB) and International Executive Master In Business (IEMB) are the postgraduate courses offered by SDA Bocconi Asia Center. Admission to SDA Bocconi Asia Center is offered to students who meet the PG programme eligibility criteria and go through the admission process.

SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai: Interview with Rusha (Student)
SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai: Interview with Rusha (Student)

Careers360 brings you an interview with Rusha, Student at SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai. She is currently pursuing the International Master in Business programme at SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai. In this interview, Rusha shares her experience of the college. What is life like at SDA Bocconi? How did she choose the SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai IMB programme? And other things about the SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai like the SIP, placements, campus life and more. To know more about SDA Bocconi Asia Center from a student's perspective go through the complete interview of Rusha.

Careers360. Where are you from and what is your disciplinary background?

Rusha. I am from Mumbai and did my schooling here. I completed junior college at St. Xaviers College, Mumbai and went to Emory University, USA, to pursue my undergraduate degree in psychology and media studies. Post that, I gained two years of work experience in the media industry by working with a boutique advertising agency and a film production house.

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Careers360. What course are you pursuing currently?

Rusha. At present, I am in the first year of my postgraduate degree in International Master in Business at SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai.

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Careers360. Could you explain the shift from psychology to marketing?

Rusha. When I started my undergraduate course, it was interesting to understand the manner in which the brain functions. The pivotal point for me was when I understood the role of psychology in ad creation for marketing. Subjects like behavioural economics and the role of catering to the larger social psyche for marketing are in vogue. I was intrigued by this aspect, and developed an interest in marketing.

Careers360. Please talk about your shift from psychology to marketing and why you did not consider mainstreaming your career in psychology?

Rusha. When I started my Bachelor’s in psychology, it was interesting to learn the manner our brain functions, responds to certain stimuli as well as stores information. There were some classes that pertained to research and introduced me to ad creation. Understanding the intersection of my educational training with ad creation intrigued me. With both the organizations I worked at, I dabbled in tasks related to marketing but did not have the technical skills required to excel at a marketing role. Hence, I decided to pursue the IMB course at SDA Bocconi to equip myself for a career in the field.

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Careers360. What challenges were you confronted with when you joined SDA Bocconi?

Rusha. When the COVID lockdown ensued, I began working from home, which entailed a different discipline and comfort. When I joined SDA Bocconi, the lockdown had ceased and so getting back into the routine of stepping out everyday, and working with groups, that too through a very demanding course was difficult.

Careers360. What was the first thing that you appreciated or loved about SDA Bocconi?

Rusha. One of the first things that I appreciated about the place is that it is so up-to-date, and the technological access we have is aligned with the changing market. The culture of the place, the infrastructure as well as the faculty make it worthwhile too.

Careers360. What are the extracurricular activities offered on campus?

Rusha. SDA Bocconi has many academic clubs that host guest lectures as well as learning and development sessions. It also has extracurricular clubs such as the cultural and sports clubs that host events on campus along with encouraging and facilitating participation of students in intercollege festivals. There is also a photography club, and a TEDx chapter. I try to attend all the events, and was a volunteer for the TEDx Bocconi U Mumbai event.

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Careers360. What does a typical day at the institute look like and what is the relationship shared with the faculty?

Rusha. Although we get the timetable for the entire semester at the beginning, every day at SDA Bocconi is different. Our days are essentially about attending classes, completing class assignments and group projects, doing live projects and participating in competitions. At a personal level, some of us go to the gym or library. Time management is of the essence if you want to make the most of your day. Our faculty usually come to teach us from Milan and stay only for the duration of their course which is about two weeks. They are very interactive and always ready to help, be it class related or otherwise.

Careers360. What are the facilities available on campus and what is a unique aspect of SDA Bocconi?

Rusha. We have a state of the art campus with facilities, such as a Game room, where we play Table Tennis, carrom, Foosball and more. We have a canteen as well. The hostel has a gym and a swimming pool too. As for the unique aspect, I would say diversity for sure. People hail from diverse professions, regions and age-groups. The gender representation is equal. There is a diversity of academic backgrounds. 35% are from engineering, 24% from management, 25% from commerce and 6% from arts as well as science. There is also a difference in the work experience we all come with. From freshers to students with more than 36 months of work experience, everyone has unique perspectives to offer.

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Careers360. Given the MBA at SDA Bocconi calls for a massive investment in work, how do you balance? Could you also talk about the importance of clubs and committees at SDA Bocconi.

Rusha. The mantra is to not procrastinate at all. Given the time table is already laid out, we are all well prepared and aware about how our day looks, and the subsequent course of action. We have a placement and a media committee that work with corporate relations & learning for students and do social media & event handling respectively. We also have a Finance, HR, Luxury, and Business Tech Club. All these are important because when you are doing a demanding course, like this one, learning is not confined to the classroom. It is also about the network you make, people you meet, and exploring your strengths. All of these play a crucial role in the bigger picture.

Careers360. What are the popular hangouts at the Institute and how do you spend leisure time on campus?

Rusha. The canteen and a cafe in the building are the most visited places. There are also a lot of cafes around Powai, Social and Theobroma being the more popular ones. But there are a lot of options, and there is something for everyone available. I am usually reading in the library, or at the canteen socialising with peers as a major part of our day is spent in group projects and presentations.

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Careers360. Name a few companies that come for placement and what is the placement percentage?

Rusha. Many companies come for placement. For example, more than 115 companies participated in the placement process with over 30% new recruiters. Consulting and Analytics made the highest offer, at almost 29%. The companies that usually come for placements are Barclays, Credit Suisse, ICICI Bank, Nomura, etc for Financial Services. Aspect Ratio, JSS Pro, ZS Associates, etc for Consulting/Analytics. EcoRight, Ferns N Petals, L’Oreal, Nykaa, etc for FMCG/Retail. BYJUs, etc for E-Commerce. Companies like Schindler, MedTel Healthcare also come for placements. The entire batch of 2021-22 got placed before the end of the program. The average salary also increased by 20%, and the highest salary that was offered was INR 36.28 LPA.

Careers360. Please talk a bit about the placement process.

Rusha. We have rigorous career development services at SDA Bocconi. It starts with a boot camp for us to gain experiential learning and become internship ready. Then, the next module pertains to reassessing our strengths and planning for placements. We undertake advanced certifications such as the KPMG Analytics and Lean Six Sigma, and are provided personalised career counselling. Our CVs are finalised, and interview and negotiations skills sharpened. After the international experience we gain in the exchange semester, our soft skills and international networks are boosted. We also have alumni mentors from the industry to prepare us extensively for the placement process.

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Careers360. Why did you not choose to study in the USA and rather came back here for your higher studies?

Rusha. It was a calculated decision. I graduated in 2018 and did not want to live in the US. I came back and started working with a digital agency as a client servicing executive. Since I was also interested in film-making, I later worked as a director’s assistant on the film, Thappad. That experience made me realise that even though I liked the media industry, I wanted to be on the corporate side of things. Understanding the culture and language of the media that I work on, living in India made more sense. Keeping that in mind, doing my higher education in a place where I could be closer to the Indian media whilst still getting global exposure and quality was a priority for me. Hence, studying in Mumbai, and at SDA Bocconi was my best bet.

Careers360. What is a significant value addition that SDA Bocconi made to your skills etc?

Rusha. On finishing my Bachelor’s, I began working in the media and advertising sector. I later switched to a director’s assistant role on the hindi feature film, Thappad. As much as I enjoyed being on set, I did not want to continue doing that in the long run. So, I decided to pursue a management degree that will help me access better roles in the media industry. SDA Bocconi offered the platform I was looking for. The most important value addition is learning to manage time, and multi-tasking. This course is thorough, and intensively prepares us to compete in a cutting-edge industry. The institution also has a connection to another industry that I want to gain experience in – luxury. SDA Bocconi will not only help me gain the technical skills required, but also help me build a network to excel.

Careers360. How do you envision yourself after completing the course?

Rusha. At SDA Bocconi, we have a Centre of Excellence for Retail and Luxury. The centre caters to creating global knowledge for both retail and luxury through research and projects. Some of the research projects undertaken by SDA Bocconi are study of the fragrance market, loyalty program for fashion apparel industry, to name a few. The exposure offered at SDA Bocconi is really helpful for us to streamline our marketing careers. I am excited at the prospect of pursuing a career in media and luxury marketing. The executive educational program at SDA Bocconi with a platform for retail and luxury, and the opportunity of learning from industry leaders will help me embark on such a journey.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by SDA Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.

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