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How to choose a specialization in Online MBA by Arks Srinivas (Alumnus, IIM-Calcutta)

How to choose a specialization in Online MBA by Arks Srinivas (Alumnus, IIM-Calcutta)

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How to choose a specialization in Online MBA - In this Careers Connect series from with AMA and experts we have been discussing Online MBA till now. In this article we are going to talk about the How to choose various specializations in an Online MBA? What are the differences, factors to keep in mind along with advantages and disadvantages before selecting a specialization and more.

How to choose a specialization in Online MBA by Arks Srinivas (Alumnus, IIM-Calcutta)
How to choose a specialization in Online MBA by Arks Srinivas (Alumnus, IIM-Calcutta)

Careers360 brings this session with Arks Srinivas, Alumnus IIM Calcutta. He did his engineering in Electronics and Communication from Osmania University. He has about 22 years of experience working in the educational industry in various organizations like TIME, Career Launcher and also started his own Business School as well as a test prep company. Know more about How to choose a specialization in Online MBA from Arks Srinivas.

Difference between General Management and MBA with specialization

Most of the students always have doubts about how to choose specializations in online MBA. It is important for them to check the difference between the General Management and MBA with specialization first.

Online MBA: General Management Vs Specialized MBA


General Management

Specialized MBA

Focus Area:

The major focus area for General Management is basically leadership, critical thinking skills and general managerial skill.

Strategic managerial skills required in the specific area

Who is it for:

Early career professionals seeking upward mobility while maintaining options

This is specifically for professionals or specialist in specific area seeking upward mobility in leadership roles


General MBA opens the gate for diverse job opportunities across different industries.

Professionals who want higher earning potentials as the MBA with specialization as it provides an insight into prevalent global best-practices in that area.

These parameters of General Management is the reason students from all the sectors such as BBA, B.Com, MBBS and others opt this course to seek more opportunities that will help in their career growth whereas Specialized MBA is basically looking for specific structural learning in the niche area such as Finance, Sports Management, Digital Marketing or others as specialist can give insight to the organization or the specific domain

Factors to consider while choosing MBA specializations

One question that often comes to student’s minds is what are the important factors that they need to look for while choosing MBA specialization. Check below the important factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing the MBA specializations.

  • Students need to understand their strengths, skill-set and area of interest

  • It is important to look for which MBA specialization will help in the long-term career growth and aspirations

  • Look for compensation band that is basically salary trends of chosen specialization

  • Nature of job in the specific specialization

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General Management Vs Specialized MBA: Advantages and Disadvantages

Before choosing the specialization, it is important to look for advantages and disadvantages of both the General Management and Specialized MBA.

Online Specialized MBA: Advantages and Disadvantages



Specialized MBA helps to align the educational qualification with student’s specific career goals and area of interest

As the specialized MBA is for one specific domain, it limits the knowledge and experience to that area only which leads to difficulty if one wants for the career transition to different domain

It is preferred for areas such as MBA in Finance or MBA in Human Resource Management

Most of the specialized MBA programmes required work experience as one of the course eligibility criteria so it is freshers may not able to apply for the one

Online General MBA: Advantages and Disadvantages



General Management degree offers broad base of knowledge that can be applied to any department of the business

The major disadvantage if the lack of in-depth knowledge which is required in complex department such finance, digital marketing and others

General MBA does not require any specific educational qualification or work-experience so freshers can easily apply

Top MBA colleges are preferred and only an MBA degree will not help. Work experience needed

General MBA comes with unlimited opportunities and career transition into any field

Earning potential is less than specialized MBA.

List of various MBA specializations

Traditional MBA specializations

In-demand MBA specialization

  • Finance

  • Human Resource Management

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Operations

  • IT

  • SCM

  • International Business

  • Business Analytics

  • Healthcare Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Sports Management

  • Event Management and others.

Other Popular Private Institutes in India:


Certifications By Top Providers

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Questions related to IIM Calcutta

Have a question related to IIM Calcutta ?

Hi there

Among the best Asian business schools, IIM Calcutta stands out due to its emphasis on balancing academic rigour and relevance and retaining plurality and variety in form, substance, and technique. Some of the best academics India has produced in recent years have called it home. IIM C, however, does not provide a Bcom programme.

Dear aspirant,

As you have secured 94 percentile in cat 2021 and considering you are from sc category so let me tell you that the cut offs depends on various factors like number of candidates appearing in the examination, number of vacant seats in college, previous years cut offs and difficulty level of the paper.

So accordingly the dynamics gets changed every year so you have the chances to get into this college as per the previous year trends.

For more information you can check out the link given below-


Hope you are doing well!

The fees for IIM kolkata for MBA is around Rs 23 lakh for its complete course and the fees for MBA executive is Rs 27 lakh for its complete course.

The placement of the college is very good.Almost 90 percent of the students get placed.The highest package offered is Rs 87.36 LPA and the average CTC is 28.75 LPA.

You can also visit this link for more information:

Hope it helps.

All the best for your future.

Hey aspirant

These institutions, I believe, do not offer traditional master's programmes. You can choose between a diploma and a five-year integrated course.

Another option would be to look into some other good colleges where you could pursue your master's degree in mass communication. My friend earned an MA in Mass. Co. from Lovely Professional University and did well by being campus placed by ANI.

So look into some reputable institutions such as Lady Sri Ram College in New Delhi, Loyola College in Chennai, and Lovely Professional University.

I hope my response was useful!!!!


The Public Policy and Management (PPM) Group is a multidisciplinary group of active researchers and teachers from diverse social science backgrounds. The Group addresses challenges of policy innovation, governance for public service delivery, relationship between government and industry, social policy, and legal and regulatory issues through high quality academic research, teaching and consultancy for policy analysis and programme evaluation. The Group’s tailored coursework at the Post-Graduate and Doctoral level allows students to undertake policy analysis and comprehend the nuances of multi-level interaction between government, business and society in the national and international environment. The Group’s doctoral programme aims to develop leaders for tomorrow who can address the increasing complexity of issues of public policy and management by interweaving concepts and tools from various social science disciplines.

Hope it helps.

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