Key to successful MBA programme is its ability to deliver industry-focused curriculum: Dr Surendra Batra, Dean, IMT Ghaziabad
Urvashi Dalal, 05 Apr 2016, #IMT Ghaziabad
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In an interview with Careers360, Dr. Surendra Batra, Dean, IMT Ghaziabad, shares details about Diversity as an important criterion of the IMT’s admission process. According to him, the institute’s selection is based on merit, emphasizing on diverse student’s profile in terms of background, profile, gender, and geography or work experience.


He also states that the B-School aims to constantly update the curriculum and make it more industry focused. Dr. Batra further explains the institute’s   focus on imparting business communication skills to the students through their dedicated courses such as ‘Developing Brand You’ (DBY). Read below full interview of IMT Ghaziabad’s Dean.


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Careers360: How has the value of management education in India changed in the last 3-5 years? How do you foresee the MBA programme scenario in the coming 1-3 years?

Dr. Surendra Batra: In a world dominated by technology and a complex business and economic environment, the intrinsic value of management education can only increase. Management education enhances the capability of individuals to take the right managerial decisions when multiple perspectives are required to be understood and applied in the world of business. This has happened in the past including in the last 3-5 years, and will happen in the future too. With mega-trends such as an advent of e-business in a big way, demand for entrepreneurship, especially techno-entrepreneurship and challenges of managing diversity in the globally networked corporations, management education has become even more relevant with a much greater potential to add value. However, phenomena of cyclic nature such as economic recession and recovery and the consequent cyclic trends in employment of management post-graduates from the business schools may sometimes obscure this reality. In the long run, I don’t see the value of management education declining, as this is a time-tested system of nurturing management talent.

With regard to the MBA/ PGDM programme scenario in India for full-time students, a distortion in the market mechanisms appears to have happened over the years leading to build up of over-capacity compared to the demand. The abnormal expansion in capacity of management education has often taken place without commensurate attention to quality, infrastructure, and linkages – both academia and with industry. Obviously, as a result of this, the ability of the management schools in the lower rungs of business school rankings to provide the right kind of placement opportunities to their outgoing students has eroded, leading to disillusionment. However, business schools in the top ranks including IMT Ghaziabad have not been significantly affected by such distortions. We at IMT Ghaziabad for example, have been in fact able to expand the seating capacity for our full-time PGDM programmes over the years and yet offer excellent placement opportunities to our students.


There can be a debate on whether general MBA/ PGDM programmes with functional specializations such as Marketing and Finance will continue to be sustained or whether sector-specific MBA programmes such as MBA in Retail Management etc. will become more popular and will better serve the needs of the industry. We at IMT have not felt the need for such sectoral specialization as a critical need emerging from the industry. However, the key to a successful MBA programme is its being able to deliver an industry-focused curriculum. 


Careers360: The number of MBA applicants has remained stagnant and it has fluctuated around 2 lakh for last 4-5 years now (reflected in CAT application number). What could be the key reasons for this?

Dr. Surendra Batra: If you look at the CAT application numbers of the last few years, you will find that the year 2015 has actually seen the highest number in the last five years. It is true however that the numbers had been declining in the past and had dipped to 1.90 lakhs in 2014. Many reasons have been cited by those studying this phenomenon. Students seeking to appear for CAT and thereby seeking admission in management programmes have several other options too, which they often opt for. There is an increasing preference for executive management education, for example. Fresh graduates prefer to join industry, gain experience for a few years and then seek admission in executive management education programs through sponsorship or otherwise. For such cases, CAT is not important, but their interest in management education to further enhance their careers into management related positions is apparent. Many fresh graduates prefer an international management degree and opt for prestigious institutes abroad through options like GMAT. Some non-engineering students find CAT unfriendly and would seek entry into management education through other methods of screening wherever available. Thus, the real number of aspirants for management education may not have really remained stagnant.


Careers360: What is the total intake in the flagship PG programme in Management in your institute? Please also mention annual fee (excluding hostel charges) for the same? Is there a change in the fee structure as compared to the last session?

Dr. Surendra Batra: The total intake in our flagship PG programme is 480 students. We also offer a dual country program to another 120 students who study at IMT Dubai in their first year and then return to IMT Ghaziabad for pursuing their specializations through electives along with PGDM Full Time programme students. The total fee payable by a student for the flagship PGDM programme is Rs 13 lakhs exclusive of hostel and mess which is Rs. 2 lakhs. The fee structure is exactly the same as last year.


Careers360: How have been the placements at your institute for 2015 batch (Batch size, no of offers, average annual package, no of international MNCs as recruiters, International offers, cross country roles etc.)? Any sector/function specific trend that you noticed during the placement season this year?

Dr. Surendra Batra: In the year 2015, IMT Ghaziabad was able to achieve successful placement in leading sectors of economy for nearly 440 eligible candidates for placement. Over 180 recruiters visited IMT Ghaziabad for placements, which included some top international MNCs. 68 out of these companies were new recruiters. A total of 408 offers were received from the recruiters. Sectors in which IMT students got placed this year included BFSI, FMCG, Manufacturing,Consultancy, IT/ ITES, Consumer Durables, Market Research, Engineering, Projects, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Automotive, Energy and Retail etc.  Some of the major emerging e-commerce companies provided an important chunk of the placement opportunities for students this year. Linkages with industry in emerging sectors such as Analytics resulted in attractive pre-placement offers for nearly 70 students. The average CTC offered to our students was Rs. 9.94 lakhs.

Careers360: What will be your selection criteria for MBA/PGDM programme for academic session 2016? Is it any different from the last year? Is there any institutional emphasis on gender and academic diversity to accommodate more female and non-engineer students?

Dr. Surendra Batra: At IMT, the candidates were shortlisted on the basis of CAT 2015, XAT 2016 and/or GMAT.


After this short-listing on the basis of best scores among the above tests, the selected students were called for the Communication and Personal Interview (CnPI) process. In the Communication section, candidates will be exposed to a tool called "Thematic Exposition". This is done on a topic ranging from social, economic and current affairs etc. This is a written communication test (WCT), where candidates are given a topic ranging from 1-3 lines, on which they are expected to develop a piece of 250 words within 20 minutes. Topic would be provided to the candidates on the day of CnPI at the venue/centre itself. This would help the interviewer to understand the language proficiency, coherence, thought process and critical and logical thinking skills of the candidates. This is followed by a Personal Interview (PI) with a panel for 15-20 minutes in which candidates are expected to discuss on a wide range of topics which test their skills of oral communication, analytical and leadership skills, work experience and domain knowledge etc.


The admission process at IMT is constantly evolving keeping in mind market trends and best practices. This year too, we have brought elements into the admission process, which reflect the need of the market as well as getting in top quality students from across the country. Diversity is an important criteria and IMT is committed to get in more and more diverse students, be it in background, profile, gender, geography or work experience. While there is no specific quota/reservation at IMT Ghaziabad and selection is purely on the basis of merit, as specified earlier, IMT is constantly engaging with the market and with businesses to understand its needs and getting in best practices for the selection of top quality candidates into its PGDM program.There will thus be a greater institutional emphasis on gender and academic diversity to accommodate more female and non-engineer students. We encourage diversity of students also in terms of regional representation, language at home and a good blend of students with work experience in reputed firms and those who are fresh and meritorious.


Careers360: What is the USP of your flagship management programme which differentiates it from the others?  How do you plan to enrich your flagship management programme in next 1-2 year?

Dr. Surendra Batra: There are many attributes to the USP of IMT Ghaziabad’s flagship PGDM program which differentiates it from others. Following the massive revamp of the PGDM curriculum which we carried a few years back, there has been a regular renewal of the same every year in order to keep pace with the emerging trends. At the same time, IMT has institutionalized certain basic tenets of management education in its curriculum, which provide a USP to it. For example, we have deliberately built in the tenet of “Global Breadth, India Depth” in our curriculum. Strong industry interface with a view to meet industry’s need for ready talent in areas demanded by industry, such as Analytics, E-business, and Business & IT Consulting has been another tenet guiding the updation of our curriculum. We have also integrated simulation as pedagogy and an instrument for holistic learning in the curriculum. Each and every student is required to undertake a simulation workshop as an integral part of the curriculum. Last but not least is our focus on imparting business communication skills to the students through dedicated courses such as ‘Developing Brand You’ (DBY).


Another strong USP of our flagship programme is the exchange programmes of IMT for students and faculty. IMT has always been ranked in the top three business schools in India for its international relations. This comprises of an incoming as well as an outgoing exchange programme which provides integration opportunities for exchange students and exposure to new pedagogies of learning for our students. Faculty exchange programmes with our partner institutes ensure that our students get the benefit of international perspective in their learning and our faculty gets to enrich their teaching skills by engaging themselves with international students abroad. Another key USP is the effective leverage of our alumni connects. We engage our alumni by making them an integral part of various forums such as ‘knowledge connect symposiums’ and guest lecture series.

In the next 1-2 years, we plan to further build upon our strengths in these areas. We continually undertake a gap analysis to determine areas where we need to strengthen our resources and processes. IMT Ghaziabad is also in advanced stages of completing the process of accreditation with AACSB which will provide an international recognition to the quality associated with Brand IMT.  


Careers360: Do you think the publications in peer-reviewed journals, as indexed in international databases, have a western bias (USA, UK)? What should be done to increase the no. of publications in the management domain?

Dr. Surendra Batra: Historically yes. However, in the recent years, we have witnessed many a research and case study publications which are related to emerging economies and which are India-centric. IMT faculties have played a pivotal role in making this transformation happen over the years. For example in the year 2014 itself, our faculty have contributed 112 research papers, 92 case studies, 15 books, 23 book chapters and 27 broad audience category papers. Many of these publications have been related to the management issues and challenges in the context of India and/ or other emerging economies and have been published in highly ranked journals which might have been earlier considered to have a western bias.


Careers360: Any message to B-school aspirants?

Dr. Surendra Batra: Yes. Remain focused in your belief on why you consider management education important for you in your personal career choice. Also, opt for the top B-schools and groom yourself for the same. However, the top is not necessarily only the IIMs. Many of the new IIMs enjoy the brand reputation of IIMs though they may not have yet made the grade in terms of excellence in key attributes such as international relations and infrastructure, etc. Institutes like IMT Ghaziabad with a rich legacy of over 30 years of management education have in-built strengths which can help you shape your career in accordance with your aspirations.


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