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Know all about MDI Gurgaon: Interview with Prof. Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj & Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani

Know all about MDI Gurgaon: Interview with Prof. Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj & Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani

Edited By Vuravindi Vaishnavi | Updated on Nov 26, 2022 05:46 PM IST | #MDI Gurgaon

Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon was established in 1972. It is one of the leading B_Schools in the country. MDI Gurgaon has been ranked 13th in the management category by the NIRF 2022 ranking. The institute has earned accreditations from AMBA, AACSB, NBA and SAQS. The postgraduate programmes offered by MDI Gurgaon are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). MDI Gurgaon offers postgraduate and doctoral programmes in management like PGDM and FPM. The PGDM programme offers specializations in fields like General Management, Human Resource Management, Business Management, International Business, Public Policy and Management.

Know all about MDI Gurgaon: Interview with Prof. Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj & Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani
Know all about MDI Gurgaon: Interview with Prof. Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj & Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani

As a part of the Careers360 webinar series on B-Schools and institutional focus, we bring you an exclusive interview with Prof. Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj, Information Management, Dean Graduate Programmes & Area Lead Information Management and Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani, Marketing & Faculty In-charge GP Admissions. Here they have given their views and details on various things about the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon like the admissions process, placement and other important things. Go through the complete article to know more about MDI Gurgaon.

Careers360. How will the student be able to distinguish whether to take HR or General PGDM?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. For admission to PGDM (General) and PGDM HRM the criteria is the same. Basically it depends on the interest of the students which course they want to opt for. Because in PGDM-General specialization is offered in areas like marketing, finance, operations, etc. whereas there is no specialization in PGDM HRM. If the student is confused about choosing the programme at this point of time, then they can apply to both the programmes and on the basis of merit they will be given admission to either of the MDI Gurgaon PGDM programme.

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Careers360. Are students required to specify the specialization at the time of registration or later?

Answer. Students need not mention the specialization at the time of registration. As the specialization has to be selected in the 2nd year of their PGDM programme.

Student. While registration students have been asked to attach certificates for extracurriculars and co-curriculars. Will the students be given an opportunity to provide the certificates at the time of Interview as they have not received the certificates from the college yet?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. Students can bring their certificates at the time of interview and it does not affect the profile or the selection chances of the student.

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Student. What is the criteria for the interview call and final selection?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. MDI selection happens strictly on merit basis, MDI Gurgaon shortlisting of candidates is done based on their CAT scores and sectional cutoffs. This varies from year to year based on the number of applications received.

Student. Why is work experience required only for the PGDM International Business programme and not for other PGDM Programmes?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. For the PGDM International Business programme we collaborate with ESCP Europe. And the students are given two degrees, one ESCP and one from MDI Gurgaon. Hence work experience for PGDM International Business is a requirement asked by ESCP Europe.

Student. MDI offers an online MBA, what are the specifications a student must possess to apply for that?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. Students with at least 3 years of experience can apply for the course. It does not ask for a CAT test score.

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Student. What are the major benefits of international accreditations?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. The international accreditations help us to identify the sections where the institute is performing well and where it has to improve. It keeps the institute motivated to bring out innovation.

Student. Specify the details of Summer Internships provided by MDI Gurgaon?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. The students of PGDM and PGDM- HRM have to do a 8-10 weeks of Summer Internship after the completion of their 1st year. Students get stipend for the internship depending on the performance wherein the average stipend is around Rs 1.2 lakhs , highest stipend is around Rs 3.5 lakhs and minimum stipend is Rs 10,000 or no stipend. This helps them to learn how corporations work and build connections.

Student. What are the centres of excellence provided by MDI and how does it help students?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. At present MDI Gurgaon has three centres of excellence run by the MDI faculty. Students can join in the centres once they get their admissions and it helps them to work closely with the faculty and learn various skills. Students at MDI also have their separate societies and clubs where they get opportunities to interact with others.

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Student. What if someone recently resigned a job and does not have a certificate of experience as of now?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. It is important to mention the duration of work experience in the application form as it has some points. If there is no experience certificate as of now then there is a requirement to provide supporting documents.

Student. As there are a lot of engineers in the class, what are the steps taken by the management to have diversity in that area?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. The management has taken measures for gender diversity and academic diversity. For academic diversity ,management provides extra funds for students other than Btech. For academic diversity, management provides extra points to female students.

Careers360. What is the general CAT percentile for engineering male candidates?

Prof. Rakesh Sharma. There is no differentiation in CAT percentile for engineering and non- engineering students. The over CAT percentile was 90 and 17 was the sectional percentile for the 3 sections for the previous year.

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Student. Does work experience matter when it comes to admission into PGDM?

Prof. Rakesh Sharma. The ratio of selection is 40: 60 where 40 percent of selection is done from people who are freshers and 60 percent from experienced people. While shortlisting, CAT score is taken into consideration but while preparing the final list work experience is given priority.

Careers360. What type of roles can students expect after placements?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. The information is clearly uploaded on the MDI Gurgaon’s website.

Careers360. On what basis will you select students for an international exchange program?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. The criteria for selection of students for the international exchange program depends on their interest and academic performance.

Student. What is the optimum work experience that you give maximum points to?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. An applicant with 3 years work experience will get the maximum advantage.

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Student. Does the management help students who want to opt entrepreneurship as their career?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. MDI already has a center for students to exchange their ideas and to interact with startups. MDI is going to promote entrepreneurship to change the view that students have and to encourage them.

Student. Are there any points given to class 10th and 12th performance?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. Class 10th and Class 12th marks do matter and do have points but still have scope to get into MDI if the student has a good CAT score.

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Student. What are the stats of the bottom 25% of the class in placement?

Prof. Sangeeta Shah. The percentage of the candidate is taken into consideration while placements. And there is no such thing called bottom %.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.

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To answer your question, NO. All the students of premier B-schools in India do not have the above criteria. Though they are preferred, but what all the students have is a good profile, with good academics, and good co-curricular and extra-curricular.

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