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Know all about MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

Know all about MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

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Alexandra Charlotte Philip who is a student at RICS SBE (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors School of Built Environment) of Amity University shares her views about how pursuing MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure which will help students in entering the industry as a budding professional with a defined pathway to personal and professional success. By choosing MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure, Alexandra feels like it would complement her knowledge as a civil engineer and open various corporate career options. In conversation with Careers360 she shares her views about "How an MBA and Engineering degree share a symbiotic relationship" and also tells us about the MBA programme which is pursuing

Know all about MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure
Know all about MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

Question: What was the objective of Choosing MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

Alexandra Charlotte Philip: Personally, I chose to pursue an MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure because it would complement my knowledge as a civil engineer and open various corporate career options for me. Right from marketing to financial feasibility valuations to paralegal services for arbitration and contracts, this course exposed me to various options and transformed civil engineering into a dynamic field as opposed to the one-dimensional perspective I had; where I assumed my career options were rigorous site-based roles.

Question: Tell us something about the key features of MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure and how did they benefit you?

Alexandra Charlotte Philip: My course at RICS SBE made me a multi-disciplinary professional as I stepped into the Industry. The course exposed me to the corporate, pre-construction and post-construction aspects of the Construction and Real Estate Industry. It highlighted the cyclical nature of the industry and the need for professional input throughout. In an endeavour to make me a multi-faceted professional, finance and marketing concepts were integrated into my course with a Real Estate angle. This makes it a much better option than a mainstream ‘MBA in Finance or Marketing’

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Another highlight of this MBA is outreach and industrial exposure. The extra-curricular activities had me playing host to the most renowned names in the industry for ‘leadership lectures’ and panel discussions. They say that “the company you keep defines you.” and RICS SBE ensured we kept the most aspirational company from the word go!

Finally, a course at RICS SBE sets the groundwork to become ‘Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.’ It helps each student enter the industry as a budding professional with a defined pathway to personal and professional success. I am glad to have had this experience. It has given me friends, memories and opportunities of a lifetime.

Question: Tell us something about the course offered at RICS School of Built Environment?

Alexandra Charlotte Philip: Simply put, just a degree is no longer enough. While building our career, we now need to focus on the endgame right in the beginning. College (or B-School) and course selection set you apart as much as your hard work and GPA. A prestigious name or a unique specialisation can distinguish you from the crowd you are competing with. RICS School of Built Environment is the perfect blend of both! They have courses centered on the built environment sector thus allowing for specialisation in the core sector of the civil and construction industry. They are backed by the prestigious Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors - a globally renowned professional body.


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So, the hostel fee will not be included in the Amity University's academic fee. The hostel fee will depend upon the type of room you choose, i.e. AC or Non - AC rooms. After you select the rooms, the fee will be calculated by the authorities.

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Yes, you may be eligible for admission to Amity University's BALLB program, even if you have completed two years of BALLB from another university. However, admission criteria can vary, and it's essential to check the specific requirements set by Amity University for transfer students.

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If you want to pursue master's course in clinical embryology from Amity university,  you must have bachelor's degree in clinical embryology or mbbs degree or any equivalent degree from government recognized university with minimum 50 % marks.

The Entrance exam will be conducted by university. A written test will be taken followed by personal interview.

If you will qualify test and  interview then you will bd eligible for the msc seat.

Duration of the course is 2 years.

Fees for the course- 2 to 3 lakh

The admission process for the year 2024 - 25  for msc courses in Amity university has started the eligible candidates can fill up the application form.

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BA B.Ed. is a four-year-long integrated course that carries a combination of theoretical classes and internships.

Yes, Amity University offers both integrated B.A+ B.Ed courses of 4 years. They have excellent facilities, education and placements available for this course. A large number of students apply for this course and the average package offered is 5.5 LPA.

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