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Fortune Institute of International Business - Interview with Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director

Fortune Institute of International Business - Interview with Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director

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Fortune Institute of International Business, founded in 1995 is an AICTE approved institute. The PGDM programmeoffered by the institute has been granted equivalence to MBA by the Association of Indian University (AIU). In an interaction with Careers360, Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director of Fortune Institute of International Business details the institute’s mission, legacy, admission procedure, courses offered, and more. Read the full interview with Radhika Shrivastava of Fortune Institute of International Business below.

Fortune Institute of International Business - Interview with Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director
Fortune Institute of International Business - Interview with Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director

Careers360:Please throw some light on the institute’s mission and legacy.
Radhika Shrivastava: It started with a vision to educate the next generation for contributing not only to business but also society and the world. In the last 26 years we have held true to that vision. Today, at FIIB we prepare for success readiness, young management candidates who can add not only to the businesses but society as well. We offer career-oriented education and focus on only candidate’s individuality in a threefold way by giving the best knowledge and inputs, experience outside the classroom and support in the form of numerous mentors, advisors, friends, faculty, etc.

Careers360: Tell us about the courses and the programmes being offered by the institute.
Radhika Shrivastava: The institute has come up with various management programmes which not only lets students be good decision makers but also problem solvers. The specially designed courses help students to learn how to deal with business and solve problems using various analytics. All the courses have good analytics thatenable students to work with the latest emerging tools. The institute believes in offering a career track to the students providing a bouquet of aligned courses helping them pursue the kind of career options existing for them.

Careers360: What is the admission procedure and the cutoff?
Radhika Shrivastava: Candidates wishing to apply for the available courses by FIIB must have passed qualifying examinations suchas CAT, MAT, XAT and CMAT. The process of applying for the admission and filling the application form is wholly online. Candidates can apply by going through the official website of the institute. The selection process is concluded with an interview with the faculty and alumni panel.

Careers360: Tell us about the rich diversity that the institution has to offer.
Radhika Shrivastava: The campus of the institute is gender-friendly putting a tremendous sense of security in the hearts of the students. Almost half the batch of every programmeconsists of women. Also, more than 50% of faculty are women. Out of 13 of the institute, 7 departments are headed by women. Students hailing from more than 17 states of India are presently admitted to the institute. The premise is a melting pot of people coming together from different cultural backgrounds.

Careers360: What is the placement procedure and what is the highest salary package being offered to the students?
Radhika Shrivastava: Placements at the Fortune Institute of International Businesshave remained 100% for almost every year except for 2020 and this is because of the pandemic. The placement rate for 2021 is 85%. The highest package is around17 lakhs while the average salary package is between 6 - 6.5 lakhs. Students get placed in roles of consulting, research, sales, FMCG and BFSI.

Careers360: Is there any hostel facility for the students?
Radhika Shrivastava: No, the institute does not provide any hostel facility to the students. However, it has various tie-ups with various paying guest accommodation available near the institute premises. The admission office of the institute provides help to students looking for accommodations nearby.

Careers360: Does the institution provide any internship opportunities to its students?
Radhika Shrivastava: Yes, the institute offers various corporate internship programmes for students to flourish. They can be three-month programmes (12 weeks) where students get to intern in a company in the area/location of their choice, two-week social internship programmes where students get the opportunity to work with an NGO under guidance of various faculty, supervisors and mentors and finally the two week internship that includes an experiential programme in business simulation module with mock companies to allow students to make decisions and gain experience.

In addition, there is also a live project (such as Marg Darshak) which provides various live projects that students can complete. These internship plans inculcate a sense of responsibility in the hearts of the students helping them in understanding themselves and figuring out what is good for them or not when it comes to making career decisions.

Careers360: What kind of students should choose your institution?
Radhika Shrivastava: The motto of the institution says “Enter to learn, live to succeed”, and truly offers energizing collaborative courses that focus on the success of the student community. Students who have the drive, confidence and a good track record of achievements to really change things in society as well as the world are the ones who suit this institution.

Careers360: How do you think the institute encourages its students to become a better leader of the future?
Radhika Shrivastava: The institute believes in making students learn that there is more to experience outside of academics. It offers an opportunity to the students to pursue a career that they deserve and which they will use to change the society and world At the same time students are also prepared for long term career success.


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Questions related to FIIB Delhi

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Dear Aspirant,

IIM offers best placements after pursuing MBA degree from these institutes .Well, for this you need to clear CAT exam conducted by Various IIMs in India .

Top Recruiters like Amazon,Deloitte,Accenture,Google,Dabur etc. had come there  for previous placements .

refer to this link to find suitable colleges that offers MBA as well as high placements :

hope this helps !

best wishes !!

In order to make an informed decision about which college to choose for your final joining, you must analyse various parameters of a B-School to decide the one which matches with your final goals. At the end of your MBA, your goal could be entrepreneurship, higher education, job opportunities, greater exposure, increased market value or something very different.  Basis the end result, please choose the college wisely.

For higher education, you should choose a college with good faculty and academic exposure, for career opportunities - choose a college with good placement records, for exposure and networking - choose a one with greater alumni base and so on.

For the colleges mentioned, I am highlighting the key parameters and the differences between the colleges. Accordingly, please review and make a choice:

FIIB - Fortune Institue of International Business

  • College: This college was established in 1995. Along with their full time 2 year PGDm course, they also offer Post Graduation Program in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (PGP-BI & DA) in association with IBM Corporation. It is located in located in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.
  • Entrance Exams: The accept scores from ATMA, CAT, XAT, GMAT, MAT and CMAT.
  • Rankings:
    • Ranked 4 in Top Private B-Schools of Delhi by CSR-GHRDC 2020
    • Ranked 4 in Top Private B-Schools of Delhi by BusinessToday 2020
    • Ranked 4 in Top Private B-Schools of Delhi by The Week 2020
    • Ranked 6 in ‘Future Orientation’ among Top B-Schools of Delhi by Business Today 2020
  • Facilities: They have hostel but not on campus. There is a big library and labs.
  • Placements:
    • Average salary - INR 6.46 LPA
    • Highest salary - INR 17 LPA
    • Some recruiters include : Deloitte, Yes Bank, American Express, ICICI Bank. FedEx Express, Tech Mahindra, Airtel, Nestle, CSC, Colgate, etc.


  • College: This college was established in 2007 by alumni of IIM A. They offer specialisation in Marketing, Finance, Human Capital Management, Operations and International Business. It is located in located in south-west Delhi at Dwarka.
  • Entrance Exams: The accept scores from FEAT, CAT, XAT, GMAT and CMAT.
  • Facilities: They have hostel on campus and provide lot of industry exposure through conferences, student industrial visits and industry interface programs.
  • Placements:
    • Average salary - INR 9 LPA
    • Highest salary - INR 17.5 LPA
    • Some recruiters include : ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, American Express, Square Yards, Decathlon.
According to me
FIIB is good..

Although the institute is marginally short of achieving the glorious 100% placement mark, it offers more than enough opportunities for excellent future endeavours. The annual package offered to the students of FIIB New Delhi depends on their skill sets.
FIIB has managed to maintaina goodplacement record overall.The placement activities are conducted by theCorporate Relationship Centre (CRC) which works towards enhancing the skills and employability of the students. The team of CRC conducts pre-placement mock interviews for the second-year students in the areas of Finance, Marketing, International Business, and HR. This helps students prepare themselves for the actual campus placement interviewsand also helps them understand the recruiters perspective.

FIIB Delhi and IIMs Pune is at par. You can easily get these colleges without any much hindrance. If you want to stay in Delhi only then you can opt FIIB as there i snot much difference between these colleges.

Scopes are also same in fact a little more in FIIB.

But if you want any other college in Delhi with this percentile , then you can try :

VIPS-TC-Delhi School of Business Delhi


Jagan Institute of Management

These 3 colleges are difficult to get but not impossible. It's 70-30 chance.

All the best!!

Both JIMS Kalkaji and FIIB Delhi are leading and premier B schools of India. Both the colleges have excellent faculties and also enriched with world class infrastructure. But in Fortune Institute of International Business Delhi, the placement record in better compared to JIMS Kalkaji. Many of the top recruiters visit the campus for the recruitment such as Aditya Birla group, Genpact, Citi bank, Deloitte, Fecathlon , ITC and many more.

The highest salary package offered was 19 lakhs while average salary package offered is around 6.5 lakhs per annum.

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