IIM Indore IPM: How to Prepare for IPMAT WAT and PI

How to Prepare for IPMAT WAT and PIIPMAT WAT and PI Tips: After the declaration of IPMAT results, it is natural that candidates anticipate what’s next in store for them in the selection procedure of IPMAT. Questions like ‘How do I prepare for WAT and PI?’, and ‘What to expect from this year’s PI-WAT?’ leaves many candidates puzzled as they are just out of school and have never experienced competition stages like this before. This article will guide aspirants towards cracking the PI-WAT of IPM and sail through the selection rounds, which will be held in the first week of June.


The PI-WAT rounds could be that ‘Makes or break’ chance for one’s admission chance into the prestigious Integrated Programme in Management at IIM Indore. With a tough competition among students from all parts of the country, it is best to prepare with the right Tips and Guidance from the toppers who have cracked IPMAT and the selection process of PI-WAT, and from experts of various coaching institutes. But before sharing the last minute preparation tips, let’s take a quick look at the weightage scheme of IPMAT and PI-WAT prescribed by IIM Indore or the IPMAT selection procedure.


Weightage Scheme of IPMAT

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Aptitude Test Score

50 percent (Written test - Quantitative Ability section + Verbal Ability section)

Personal Interview

35 percent

Written Ability Test

15 percent 

How to prepare for WAT and PI


Mansi Shrivastava, who belongs to IPM batch of 2017-22 enlightens us about the prerequisites of the selection procedure. She says, “The selection procedure for IPMAT depends on the cutoff set by the institute and performance in the WAT and PI. The institution sets a different cutoff for each section, for different categories of students. The students who score more than the cutoff are called for WAT/PI round.”


The WAT and PI occur on the same day. The top 120 students would be selected for the course and a few others would be kept in waiting lists, says Archita S from who belongs to the same batch of IPM.


What are the tips to prepare for WAT?


A good way to start with would be to read up on all the current news, be it of national or international importance. Some aspirants may find it useful to maintain a notebook for the same. Talking about her preparation strategy, Mansi suggests that practising how to write argumentative essays is a good idea. While some candidates need to work harder on their verbal and writing skills, for Archita it was slightly easier. “We had to write long essays during school board examinations and I found that preparation was good enough for WAT”, she says.


How to approach a WAT Topic?


Toppers and experts recommend that while attempting the WAT topic, one should always stick to the point, and not writing unnecessary content to increase the length of the essay, as it will be judged on the quality and not the quantity of work.


Here’s a noteworthy strategy to approach a WAT topic as shared by Mansi from her own experience- “I answered the WAT topic by including relevant examples and answering according to the TREE (Topic statement, Reasons, Explain reasons and Ending) strategy.”


However, Archita adopted an approach which was much similar to what she did in her boards. She jotted down the points that came to her mind roughly on the side of the paper and elaborated it into paragraphs. She also emphasises that too much time shouldn’t be spent on planning the essay and one must keep a strict tab on the word limit.


What are the time management skills required to write a complete structured WAT?


Even if one is capable of writing well, it is futile if one cannot complete it within a given time frame. It is a good practice to always outline the thoughts on a topic first and then arrange them in a logical order. The introduction and conclusion are very important, so they should not be written in a hurry at the end when one is running out of time.


Suggested Topics for WAT


The WAT topic will never be something that candidates are not aware of, as usually general abstract concepts are asked. In case it is not a familiar topic, Archita says that any examples or daily life incidents that can be correlated with the topic, could be used to build the essay. Her WAT topic was ‘Why should people in metro cities be encouraged to use public transport?’ which turned out easy for he to write about.


Mansi was given the WAT Topic 'Is having many good friends better than having a 1-2 best friends?' and she too found it quite easy as compared to the topics she had been practising for and was able to write a well-composed essay.


How to prepare for PI for IPMAT?


Some candidates choose to enrol in coaching while some manage it by themselves. The major chunk of interviewees share that it is confidence and calm that keeps one going in front of the panel during PI. Take the instance of Mansi, who enrolled in T.I.M.E.'s PI training, but says that it did not do her any good as far as the real interview was concerned. All she did was brush up on her textbooks, and read the daily newspaper thoroughly.


Archita on the other hand did not take any coaching at all for PI. She looked up a few questions online that were asked for previous IPM interviews and prepared accordingly.


Anusha, who also cracked the IPMAT in 2017, says “I gave a few mock interviews so that I get used to pressure handling. I made sure that I read up on all the important news. I also revised few of the important concepts of the subjects that I had in +2 and made sure that I’m confident enough while presenting my answers.”


Topics to prepare for PI


Candidates are likely to be questioned on academic-related topics so it is a good idea to revise all concepts upto class 10+2 and brush up on General Knowledge. The panellists also ask a lot of creative questions, mostly from the surroundings. Archita shares that the question were basic-level questions during her PI, such as:

  • What is the lead of a pencil made of?

  • What is graphite made of?

  • Diamond and graphite are made of carbon. But they have different properties. What is this property called?

  • When you sit on a chair what are the forces that are acting?

  • Which law in Physics enables you to ride a cycle? (She was also asked to draw the graphs of equations and their transformation).

  • Name three woman chief ministers of India and their parties

  • Who is Elon Musk?

  • Why IPM? What is your backup option in case you do not get selected for IPM?

According to IIM Indore, 17,716 applicants were called for the Aptitude test of IPM on May 11 out of which 15,901 attended the exam of IPMAT 2018 on May 11. IIM Indore has also announced that the number of candidates who secured positive raw score (greater than or equal to 1) in all three sections was 11,454. These are the candidates who have been called for the further rounds of selection procedure of IPMAT 2018 comprising of WAT and PI.

First Published On : 31 May 2018 06:09 PM IST

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Can any diploma holder apply for IPMAT exam ? I completed my diploma after 10th

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Hi Swapnil,If you have done diploma from a recognised institute or board, you would be eligible to apply for IPMAT. Make sure that you have all the documents (certificate/mark-sheet/grade-sheet) relat...Read More
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Pls someone explain complete procedure to give ipmat exam after 12th std. i mean what should i do after 12th. after 12th my age will be 18.

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Hi Sujan, you must complete your boards and age wise its fine. Get into a coaching institute for preparation. Check the IPMAT official website for sates. Application forms will open and you must regis...Read More
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Hi Priyanshu,IPMAT and CAT are two completely different examinations. IPMAT is for undergraduates who wish to study at IIM Indore to pursue integrated management program after class XII while CAT is a...Read More

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Can I solve IPMAT question papers to get a hold over dujat's English and maths section?

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