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On: 06th February 2015, 12:08 PM
VistaMind GD Interview Tips

GD/Interview Tips #1. By:Rahul Reddy VistaMind

Each day will try and explain how to tackle common Qs asked in Bschool interviews. Please feel free to share with any fellow aspirant.

About Yourself
This is an open Question, so anything you say is not technically wrong. But the key here is to use this Question to our advantage. So focus on three things.

1. Is it relevant? We are in an Entrance interview to a Bschool, So i have to include things which are relevant in this context. So your Strengths and achievements, both in terms of knowledge and skills are relevant. Your plans for your career? Why MBA? What sectors of the industry and what kind of roles you would like to take up etc.

2. Does it enhance your chances of selection? What are the Bschool's looking for?
Motivated students with a clear cut career plan.
Curiosity and desire to learn and understand.
Good people skills, Planning, Implementation and Communication skills.
All round personality with range of extracurriculars and hobbies.
Please try to showcase these strengths and skills with EXAMPLES. Please don't make claims without supporting achievements.

3. What Areas/topics would you like to be discussed in the interview?
Since this Q is one of the early Qs, the answers to this Q may give direction to the interview. And if the interview goes into areas that you are comfortable with, then you will perform better. So raise topics that you would like to be asked on.
You are always better off discussing your Work Exp, your projects, Events that you handled etc. Areas that you should ideally avoid are Management subjects: Finance, Marketing Ops because they are the experts and you are the novice.

In total, prepare for an answer lasting upto 90 seconds. But obviously stop if you are interrupted.

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