How to crack GD-PI: Prepare a structure for the GD topic mentally and put in all the points, says Praneeth Reddy of DMS, IIT Delhi

How to crack GD-PIHow to crack GD-PI: The right balance of preparation along with a mental composure and good attitude is the key to crack any GD-PI. For aspirants aiming for top B-schools in India, Careers360 brings to you the experience of Praneeth Reddy, a CAT 2016 topper, on how to crack GD-PI at top B-schools. He secured admission in DMS, IIT Delhi and is pursuing MBA in Telecom Management.

Praneeth had put together a regular study plan and took help from friends from other colleges, newspapers, and various sources on the Internet to accelerate his preparations for CAT and the selection procedure of B-schools to understand how to crack GD-PI. He ensured that he answers honestly during the PI and the panel appreciated his honest attitude. At the GD stage, the topic given to his group of 10 candidates was on the benefits of sports – something he was quite comfortable with. The panel seemed friendly discussing his work experience and interests and the whole experience was quite smooth for him. Read on to know more about Praneeth’s experience and tips on how to crack GD-PI rounds.

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Excerpts from the interview:

Careers360:  What are the steps involved in the selection procedure at DMS, IIT Delhi?

Praneeth: During the selection process of DMS, IIT Delhi, the following are given consideration:

1. CAT performance

2. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

3. Group Discussion (GD)

4. Personal Interview (PI).


Careers360: Tell us about the overall experience of attending the selection procedure of IIT-D?

Praneeth: It was a very different experience as compared to the interviews of other colleges. I had got to see a new dimension and experiences a different kind of exposure while attending the interviews. I felt that the amount of stress in the interview of DMS, IIT Delhi was very less. I was able to put in my 100 percent for this interview.


Careers360: Which other B-schools did you visit for their respective selection procedures?

Praneeth: I attended the selection procedures at SJMSoM IIT Bombay, IIM Indore, IIM Lucknow, SPJIMR and NMIMS.


Careers360: What was your GD topic and how many members were there in your group?

Praneeth: The GD topic given to us was ‘Sports and its benefits.’ It was a very easy topic for me as I had fair bit of knowledge of it throughout my life. I was able to contribute to the discussion quite a few times. There were 10 members in the group.


Careers360: Were you comfortable with the topic of discussion? How did you approach it?

Praneeth: I was comfortable with the topic and I prepared a structure for the topic mentally. I went with that and made sure I was able to put in all the points.


Careers360: How much did you contribute towards the topic during the GD? Did it reach a conclusion?

Praneeth: I was able to contribute all my points without deviating the topic and disturbing the discussion. It was a great learning experience for me at a personal and professional level. The discussion ended with a conclusion.


Careers360: How was your personal interview experience? How big was the panel?

Praneeth: Personal interview was centred more on my work experience and interests. I felt that the panel tried to understand my thinking process and throughout the interview they have given me enough time to answer. I was honest with the process and that was noted by the panellists and appreciated me for that.


Careers360: Tell us about your best PI experience amongst all the ones you attended.

Praneeth: IIT Delhi was definitely the best as I was able to give my 100 percent. I was able to answer all the questions confidently throughout the process.


Careers360: What were your weak areas which you thought might be difficult to answer during the selection process?

Praneeth: I had problems while answering questions related to my under graduation level as I had lost the touch on the concepts. I had to brush up the concepts and this made it possible for me to answer the questions without any hassle.


Careers360: Was the panel rude or easy on you while taking the interview?

Praneeth: The panel was very calm and made sure I was not succumbed to tension or stress at any point in time during the interview.


Careers360: Tell us about the humorous and interesting questions you were asked?

Praneeth: The questions about my childhood and the naughtiest thing I did as a kid were the funniest.


Careers360: How is an IIM interview different from a non-IIM yet top B-School interview?

Praneeth: The IIMs focus more on the technical and managerial aspect, where as the interview in IIT Delhi had more focus on the personal front.


Careers360: How did you manage the preparations for the PI?

Praneeth: Newspapers, Internet and few friends from other colleges helped me out with my preparations.


Careers360: What qualities in a candidate do the panellists look for while taking the interview?

Praneeth: The PI panel mainly looks for clarity of thought and confidence.

First Published On : 28 Mar 2018 12:09 PM IST

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