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satdeep asked, sir ive been offered a seat in IILM Lodhi Road. I have cleared the GDPI. What is the reputation of this college?
msarma answers, It used to be a known school in Delhi. But now it has branched out in two or three places. I do not know how it stands as of now.

monareddy asked, Dear Mahesh please answer my question, can you please let me know what will be the selection process for executive MBA from IIMs
msarma answers, Usual. A written test score + personal interview. And your profile and past experience matters a lot.

sudip000 asked, can anyone tell me about NDIMS and what is the prospect of MBA(industry integrated) course
msarma answers, I am not aware of NDIMS.

jartin asked, Hello Mr.Mahesh i want to do part time MBA which institute is most prefered in terms of mumbai welingkar or nmis recently i got call from ICFAI can you guide more on degree of ICFAI is it worth doing course ?? Regards, Jatin
msarma answers, ICFAI till 2009 offered a DL degree from its university in Dehradun or Tripura to students studying in all IBS centres. From 2010 onward it offers PGDM, which is only industry recognised in all centres other than hyderabad. Students can register for a DL MBA from one of these universties independently though. Both Welingkar and NMIMS are more or less on the same footing when it comes ot PT programmes

PapdiChat asked, Hope you have received my question.Kindly reply. Are there any Online One Year MBA Programs in India or Outside India. I have 4years of exp in telecommunications. Your inputs would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
msarma answers, Yes NIIT imperia and Reliance offeer these programmes. But they are PG certificates, not MBA programmes.

raj asked, Mr. Mahesh, I want to know abt Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management. is it a good institute?
msarma answers, Raj I am not aware of this school. Have heard about it, but do not know enough to comment on it

TPF asked, Hi. I have completed my MMS in Marketing from N L Dalmia College in Mumbai University in 2005. Can i pursue MBA in finance as well? What will be the duration of the course?
msarma answers, Why do you want to do that? You are already an MBA. Rather go for a specialised course like CFP or CFA

Jinesh asked, Sir, I am planning to do mba from IIMM Balaji society pune.. How is the reputation and faculty there..Thank you
msarma answers, It is a good school in the Pune region

Manoj asked, MA in HR from TISS or PGDIM from NITIE... Which one is a better option to choose.
msarma answers, TISS is more cost effective. But HR is very different from IM as a domain. Choose one profile that excites you.

singh asked, hi mahesh could you tell me whether european MBA Will be valued in india
msarma answers, It depends on the school. INSEAD, HEC, LSE, Said and Cambridge are very valued.

sharma asked, " i am a working professional & want to pursue executive MBA. I m in deliema whether to go for IIMA or ISB. Pl give your opinion pl. Pl dont say both are at par. Pl PL."
msarma answers, They are just not on par. The PGPX of IIM A is a full-time one year programme has minimum of seven maximum of 10 years of work expereince. While as the PGPX of ISB is part time module based programme, where you need not leave your job. so as an executive MBA if i am about five to seven years of work experience, in an okey job i would go for IIM A and not ISB. But if I am about four to six years of work ex, I will opt for ISB PGDM and not IIM A regular programme.

abhi asked, PUMBA(Pune University) , pune is conducting Executive MBA classes in the evening for 3 hrs daily for 6 days a week for 2 years. Would you call it a Part Time Executiver MBA or Full Time Executive MBA
msarma answers, It is part time

Satish asked, How do you rate NITIE amongst Indian B Schools? Can you tell me the +ves and -ves of considering it?
msarma answers, It is quite a good school, especially on ROI. But it still has the industrial engineering tinge to its MBA and hence attracts a disproportionately large engineering crowd.

Anil asked, Dear Mahesh, I have 2 yrs of IT experience. I want to give cat2010 and I will have 3 yrs of exp by then. Is 3 yrs of experience good for CAT. or should I go for GMAT. Please suggest. Thanks.
msarma answers, yes it is quite good.

enakshee asked, You asked, I have done B Sc Hons in bio-medical science from Univ of Central lancashire, UK. They had collaboration with D Y Patil Univ. UCLAN and the course is recognized by Univ association of UK . Am I eligible for Admission in MBA/PGDM. Some collegees are not acce3pting You asked, Somebody having knowledge may please answer my q You asked, Mr. M sharma. Please answer me- I am worried. You asked, I searched net to find whether Univ of Central Lancashire is recognized by UGC- but could not find. Please help.
msarma answers, Unfortunately, in India we do not have a universal system of recognising foreign universities. One way is to ask your local partner DY Patil University to write to AIU association of Indian universities. They are mandated by law to establish equivalence.

parekh asked, Thiagarajar School of Management Ranking?plz
msarma answers, It used be ranked in the top 50 in earlier lists. but now it seems to have kind of faded away. But it still is going strong as a regional school.

rkumar asked, How is SOIL in gurgaon
msarma answers, A very new school. Have not visited them so can't comment.

abhi asked, Sir Whats is the difference between Full TIme, Part Time and Executive MBA
msarma answers, An executive MBA is normally meant for people with substantial years of experience. It could be either full-time or part-time.

krazyheartin asked, Dear Mahesh, Had raised this question twice - not sure if it slipped your eyes. Could you pls tell what could be an ideal ROI for 1 yr exec MBA and regular 2 yrs MBA?
msarma answers, Impossible to answer, since ROI must also take in to consideration future earnings. And as on date no school in India lets you measure alumni earnings. So it is what you as a student can afford to pay for the value you seek from the school.

Raman asked, Hi Mahesh, I am working in a software company, Can I do Phd in Management with System specialization as Part time. If I can do by part time, what are the colleges in chennai which offers Phd Part time for working professionals? Thanks
msarma answers, If it is degree that excites you look for some of these deemed universities. They have limited course work and are easy to complete. Otherwise DoMS, IIT Chennai is a good choice

panigrahi asked, what is the standard of iift in mba education-which is better-delhi/calcutta
msarma answers, IIFT is an interesting school. It does offer you value for money. Delhi any day has more pedigree than Kolkata.

school asked, What are my options if I want to do an executive MBA from a good B-school apart from ISB and IIM's?
msarma answers, If money is not a constraint you have a range of options in europe.

sud asked, is one year full time management programme from SIMS going to help in carrer after nine years of experience...any other good college who has these courses without looking in to GMAT scores or written tests
msarma answers, Don't even go to colleges which admit you with out looking into these scores. they will invariablly be ATMs for degrees

PArag asked, Hello sir, Am a final year marketing student from NMIMS,mumbai. I want to pursue Phd. in Marketing. Please suggest some good Unoversity and also let me know is it advisable to go directly for Phd. or one should have a work-ex after MBA and then pursue Phd.
msarma answers, Ideally you must work for a few years before you go for a PhD. Some interesting programmes are coming up now, by IFMR, Great Lakes and even ISB.

msarma answers, Hi I am not an expert on CAT. You will have to ask somebody from CL or T.I.M.E. or IMS.

DSJ27 asked, Please name few good Institutes for Part Time (Executive) MBA. Is Distance Learning MBA is worth Doing?
msarma answers, It depends on your location. Were do you want to study?

mallappa1 asked, I have 3 years of work ex in IT and 3 yrs in real estate development as an entrepreneur. If I want to build a career in India, is ISB a good option for my profile and will I fit the requirements of the school?
msarma answers, Yup you would fit in well with their profile requirements. They do look for diversity in their class

Avinav asked, How do you rate IMI for the PGDM program?? How are the placements there?
msarma answers, Avinav, it is impossible to rate placments of any school, because no schools gives you the full information. yes, IMI does have a great bunch of faculty and good alumni network. So it is a good choice.

school asked, What is a good GMAT score to be selected for ISB?
msarma answers, A score above 680 would get you a call, though they claim to have a median score of 716 for admission.

sud asked, how is SIMS visavis SIBM
msarma answers, SIBM has more brand visibility vis a vis SIMS. SIMS is primarily focussed on its programmes for defence personnel.

ritika asked, Hi, which is a good university/b-school for a post-graduate degree in media & enetertainment; particularly animation and graphics? would a MBA be good or any diploma? Kindly advice on good B-Schools in India offering the course.
msarma answers, If it is communication that excites you MICA is a good place, though very few indian institutions offer managment programmes at PG level in these domains

Rahul asked, Hi I want to take admission in MBA in MATS University, RAIPUR, Chhattisgarh ... is it good....
msarma answers, Rahul please first check if this university is recognised by UGC

catomatic asked, How about IIT School of Managements? I have applied for VGSOM - IITKGP; DMS - IITD and DOMS - IIT Chennai... which one is better?
msarma answers, i cld not rate them individually. But i understand in terms of student preference IIT Mumbai comes first followed by delhi,kgp and and chennai.

Arif asked, Hi, am 31 yrs old i have 9 years exp in advertising and communications..been thinking of doing an MBA to move into mainstream marketing / Management. Will it make sense to do a 2 year PGDBA from IIMs or a One year MBA from ISB?
msarma answers, One year you would at least save a year's income.

pukul asked, Am a lawyer with 5+ years of experience. Want to do a shift to business consulting. Will a two year course or a one year course better? In terms of two years for a good univ abroad or a one year from ISB ? How do biz schools look at lawyers wanting to do MBA ? Is it a good idea ?
msarma answers, They would really be puzzled though some like HBS does offer joint degrees with law. The debate about one or two years is more a function of your personal perferences. But as a rule one year is the preferred mode for any one with over five years of experience. But remember the institutes do place a lot of emphasis on the quality experience.

msarma answers, None of the schools give you full information on placements. They do have a reasonable placement record. But one is not sure how effective or different it is for non-technical students.

Anirudha asked, Hi,my age is 29 and currently I am pursuing LLB 1st year from Pune University.Kindly suggest me a full time MBA course or a part time with good value in terms of jobs.Thanks
msarma answers, First write out one of these entrance examinations. See what scores you are able to achieve. The scores would determine the schools in the first place.

dell techies asked, Can you give me some insights for applying into indian B schools through GMAT from abroad?
msarma answers, quite a few schools like GReat lakes, ISB, IIMs accept GMAT scores. it depends on what scores you have achieved

suny asked, how is nmims?? wht is it rank?
msarma answers, NMIMS did not provide us with sufficient data to rank them. But I would persume it must rank among the the top 30 schools in the country.

MNIK asked, Is 1 year Executive mba is recognised by government sector companies for management jobs?
msarma answers, na. most of them exept ones offered by IMI, IIMs and MDI are not recognised by Govt.

abhi159 asked, how us ibs hyderabad, i heared its not much reputed in placements , wise
msarma answers, You see it it has a very large batch size. that is its biggest handicap. So invariablly in terms of placements some students would suffer.

krazyheartin asked, In case of a vertical shift in career would you recommend likes who accept CAT or likes of ISB?
msarma answers, ISB they have better diversity.

prad asked, How are the new IIM's intake going to be , will they have a seperate intake process . Why this mystery surrounding these new IIMs
msarma answers, no they would not. But they would take quite sometime to reach anywhere location itself would be a difficulty for some of them

sagar asked, sir,how is IMIS,bhubaneshwar?
msarma answers, I don't know sagar. Have not heard of this institution.

RTO asked, Please suggest me if TSM, Madurai is worth joining for regular MBA course..
msarma answers, TSM used have a legacy. Is quite an old institution. But i am not aware how it is doing as of now. Check for these parameters and decide.

aax asked, Is the fee being collected in executive MBA programs justified ? iims,isb charge around 17+ lakh rupees for 1 yr program...you will end up paying loan back throughout your career if you opt for financial assistance from banks.
msarma answers, You should ask these guys who charge. But yes they are in some sense justified since the average multiple you earn after you finish the course is at least two to three times your current earnings.

harish asked, I have got call for interview from ICFAI hyderabad>whether it is a good institute to do MBA?
msarma answers, yeah the one at Hyderabad is good in terms of infrastructure and faculty. But rememeber they ahve a huge batch size. so competition is intense during placements

krazyheartin asked, Hi Mahesh, I am currently working with 5+ yrs of IT experience for the CPG business unit - executed project mostly along innovation exercise and branding exercise and couple of live projects for the business unit, should I be considering CAT or exec MBA. I want to move my career in the CPG industry.
msarma answers, There are two kinds of executive MBA. Some like IIM A are full time and demand an year from you. Some others like Great lakes demand only a few weeks every quarter. But the former ones are more intense and better paying. So choose accordingly

abhinavr asked, please suggest if NMIMS is worth joining for regular MBA course
msarma answers, Yes there flag ship MBA programme is quite good. Though one hears they do have slight problems with the named MBAs in terms of placements. But in terms of education they are quite good.


aax asked, why should one do MBA if he has a good paying job at hand ?
msarma answers, As one moves up the ladder from line position an MBA becomes an essential differentiator.

kushal asked, hi...is anybody here? can u tell me what is better after 3 years of experience in an IT company...a MBA from IIM or an executive MBA ?
msarma answers, Kushal it depends on your CAT/ GMAT score, as well as the goals you have set for yourself and the time you could spare from regular work.

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